Innovation, Limitless.

We cook Apps that can be eaten*

We have "Collective Experience" in developing world class apps for Web, iOS and Android platforms with proven technology stack with a reasonable budget and deadline.

* More often than not, rotten apps cannot be eaten

Our Values

Beautiful design, smooth user experience and straightforward user interface should invite users to your app.


Of course you can't and shouldn't sacrifice performance over great features. Prefer to have both.

and Reliable

Software is a long term commitment, make sure yours is built on solid standards and best engineering principles.

What our clients say
Ken Feb 2016

Absolutely perfect! Where others were intimidated, this guy tackled my task, saw through the noise (multiple frameworks) and came up with a very elegant solution. Highest recommendation as a technologist and as a cooperative partner.

Mike May 2017

This is the second time I’ve been lucky enough to to work with him, and, again, great job. This time he had to learn a new technology - he did so quickly, and the result is great.

Really a pleasure.

Zaid Jul 2016

He is fast and his code quality is stellar.

Mike Feb 2016

It was a complete joy working with him, and I recommend him wholeheartedly. He is very bright and very talented - but the best part is his attitude. As he himself says, “Consider it done”. I am myself a programmer. I hired him to take load off me - and he did!

At one point it turned out my spec perhaps wasn’t as clear as could be, and he implemented something a little different. I pointed it out to him, and explained what I meant, and he just reimplemented that part, to spec.

His work exceeded my expectations AND he provided me with clear instructions with how to integrate his work with my own.

I have the utmost respect for him, and I’m grateful for his professionalism.

Truly a gem.

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